About Us


Just as the pioneers of industry that came before us as early as the 1700's in the United States, The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ (SNC) is dedicated to preserving the fair and unmolested trade of American grown tobacco and tobacco related products to ensure the demand of the American marketplace. 

Our Heritagestandard-nicotine-corporation-lonnie-hayes-1960s-300x200.pngThe tobacco used to manufacture our products is grown in the same farms that have defined American quality for the last 200 years. American tobacco farmers have been protecting their family crops from the greedy hands of government regulators since the late 1700's. The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ continues that tradition by standing strong against federal, state and local over-regulation of nicotine based products. SNC™ is dedicated to the responsible manufacture of innovative nicotine delivery products that allow consumers and retailers access to tax-wise products across the United States within a fair, balanced and reasonably restricted marketplace. 


Our Productsstandard-nicotine-corporation-our-products-300x200.pngOur nicotine additives are 100% MADE IN THE USA using 100% AMERICAN GROWN tobacco leaves from the central-eastern region of the United States. Every bottle of Standard Nicotine produced can be traced back to the farmer that grew the tobacco leaf that was used to make our products. We believe that quality control begins with seed and soil. Do not confuse Standard Nicotine™ products with other inexpensive, chemically re-created alternatives. Our products are grown, extracted, tested and bottled here in America. 


Our Facilities
The proprietary extraction process used to manufacture Standard Nicotine™ Additives takes place inside a state of the art facility that houses research and testing labs, as well as dedicated manufacturing and packaging equipment designed specifically for nicotine production. Every batch of Standard Nicotine™ Additive ingredients are tested using gas chromatography and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry to ensure purity, freshness and quality. 


Our Quality
Our commitment to quality & compliance begins at the farm. Every bottle of Standard Nicotine™ Additive can be traced back to the farm that produced the tobacco leaves used to extract the nicotine we use in our products. Every product manufactured by The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ is tested to the highest standards using the latest technology in analytical instrumentation including gas chromatography, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, mass spectrometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma Analysis along with a variety of other analytical techniques to ensure that our product not only complies with USP and GMP standards, but exceeds them. Our Quality Division focuses directly on guaranteeing that our products exceed all USP criteria and standards. SNC staff are well trained and skilled at handling products with inherent safety hazards. The processes and manuals we utilize to ensure safety and proper handling of our products are the same processes that allow us to responsibly manufacture a world-class, flavorless, crystal clear nicotine additive every time. 


Our Commitmentstandard-nicotine-corporation-our-quality.pngOur core beliefs of honesty, integrity and transparency make the health and safety of our consumers our #1 priority. Our products are individually packaged in child-resistant, tamper evident, glass bottles and include complete instructions for proper use and storage including complete first-aid information.

Staying true to our commitment to transparency, a complete listing of our Certificates of Analysis, MSDS sheets, General Certificates of Conformity as well as license, insurance and regulatory information can be found here.

Our commitment to our supporting distributors, wholesalers and retailers can be evidenced by our $1 MILLION dollar product liability insurance policy via Lloyd's of London as well as by our strict adherence to evolving regulations by the United States Food & Drug Administration.

The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ is here to stay.