The Standard Nicotine Corporation Announces Official Pre-Sale of Retail-Ready Nicotine Additives

The Standard Nicotine Corporation Announces Official Pre-Sale of Retail-Ready Nicotine Additives


The Standard Nicotine Corporation announces Official Pre-Sale of Retail-Ready Nicotine Additives

Standard Nicotine Corp. To Keep Flavored "E-Juice" Industry Alive And Well In Face Of Massive Over-Regulation

Wichita, KS (08/08/2018 08:10AM) – The Standard Nicotine Corporation™(SNC) proudly announced today, the launch of their anxiously awaited line of retail-ready liquid nicotine additives which will most assuredly change the tides of the ongoing battle against flavored "e-liquid products" currently being waged by regulators and lawmakers across the entirety of the United States of America..  

Michael Johnson, Founder of The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ says, "Today, Standard Nicotine Additives will level the playing field in terms of government over-regulation and other acts of governmental aggression aimed toward liquid consumable products within the vaping industry". Johnson is referring to the over-taxation and outright banning in some areas, of certain products, primarily "e-liquid", the flavored liquid used in electronic cigarettes which most commonly is made with the liquid nicotine produced by Standard Nicotine. Many local jurisdictions across the United States impose an offensively high tax, per milliliter, on any flavored e-liquids that contain nicotine. Johnson's company now manufacturers retail-ready bottles of 100% American made concentrated liquid nicotine additives that can be added to simple flavor bases, allowing retailers and consumers to side-step taxation efforts in many areas. Johnson passionately added, "many tax jurisdictions across the United States look at the vaping industry as a honey pot which they can freely tax without repercussion, that ends today. Our industry will not be taxed out of existence. We will not go quietly into the night. The innovations our industry has made are here to replace Big Tobacco for the next 200 years. Lawmakers need to wake up and realize we're here to stay. The future of tobacco consumption in America is finally back in the hands of American people... where it should be".

The Standard Nicotine Corporation will "pre-sell" 150,000 bottles of their nicotine additives to inaugural distributors which are expected to sell out in less than 72 hours. Quantities of SNC's initial batch of nicotine additives are limited as only liquid nicotine that has been derived from 100% American grown tobacco from American farms is used in their products.

Standard Nicotine additives will go on sale (wholesale/distributors only) this Friday, August 10th, 2018. Until further notice, retail and online consumers may purchase bottles of Standard Nicotine Additives from local brick and mortar and online retailers across the United States. Standard Nicotine will begin selling products directly to consumers beginning later this year at

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The Standard Nicotine Corporation (SNC) is one of the United States' most trusted manufacturers of liquid nicotine products. SNC liquid nicotine is produced using only 100% American grown tobacco. SNC is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to American farms, American workers and American consumers.

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