What did The Standard Nicotine Corporation learn from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's

What did The Standard Nicotine Corporation learn from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's

During the 1950's and 1960's in the United States, the Founder and Chairman of The McDonald's Corporation, Ray Kroc, built an empire from scratch by way of every major city, then every suburb, then every neighborhood. Every new market Mr. Kroc and his team ventured into presented a new and unique set of obstacles they used as learning experiences in their progression toward their goal of perfecting the business model that would become the McDonald's empire.

Ray Kroc knew early on that, as opposed to accomplishing a great many things in a mediocre fashion, he opted to focus on producing only a few things... but he did them better than anyone else. Mr. Kroc's commitment to his company's vision was held tight by one single concept... simplicity.

Ray Kroc believed in K.I.S.S., the "Keep-It-Simple-Stupid" philosophy. He believed that Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value (QSCV) were the only prerequisites to ensuring the success of his thousands of franchisees around the globe. Mr. Kroc knew that Americans would pay a fair price, for a good product, and that any efforts that a company made that went above and beyond that... would breed success, every time.

In keeping with Ray Kroc's tradition of simplicity, The Standard Nicotine Corporation recently focused on Ray Kroc's 10 Recipes for Success in relation to the success of our company....

  1. Take your business seriously.
    The Standard Nicotine Corporation knows that millions of Americans rely on the products we produce to break an addiction to cancer-causing cigarettes. We take into consideration the lives of our consumers and their families with every decision we make.

  2. Strive for perfection.
    While we know true perfection rarely exists... our company is constantly striving to innovate and implement new ways of thinking, new methods of production and anything else we can do to ensure our continued dedication to responsible corporate growth.

  3. Be an astute and sharp witted entrepreneur.
    The Standard Nicotine Corporation is comprised of hard-working, intelligent, highly-motivated individuals that have each found their own individual motivations for success outside of corporate profit. Also, it doesn't hurt that our Board of Directors is comprised of several self-made millionaires with industry focus on retail, distribution and marketing.

  4. You have to have teamwork in your organization.
    The Standard Nicotine Corporation believes that we are "only as strong as our weakest link" and that every fellow employee is an extension of him/herself. Our dedication to producing world-class products, begins with our dedication to our own team.
  5. Deliver better service with a smile.
    Smiling is an easy thing to do when you love what you're doing.
  6. Be willing to take risks.
    Until the industry in which we operate is 100% regulated by the United States Federal Government, each day we continue to grow our company, we risk every dollar we've invested.

  7. Dream BIG.
    We won't stop until The Standard Nicotine Corporation has completely dismantled every part of the Big Tobacco machine. 
  8. Bet BIG.
    Over the course of the next two years, The Standard Nicotine Corporation will commit over $10 Million dollars in real-estate investment, facilities, employees and continued consumer advocacy. We're all in. 
  9. Always strive to be better.
    The core beliefs of our company include a constant commitment to personal and professional growth and innovation. Our definition of success is not defined by profitability alone, but how we choose to use that success to leave behind us a thoughtful, long-lasting footprint of honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do.      
  10. Don't just work for money.
    Very few people in our company view our financial data. The goals, milestones and checkpoints we choose to place before ourselves are based solely around the advancement of our technology and its usefulness in advancing the health of consumers by assisting them to quit smoking traditional cancer causing cigarettes. 

The Standard Nicotine Corporation is dedicated to the healthy growth of our Management and Production Team. Exercises like the one above allow our team to constantly remind one another of our company goals, missions and values. As with all corporate-strength-building exercises we perform at SNC, every single member of the SNC Team had input in this fun and morale boosting exercise.

About The Standard Nicotine Corporation
The Standard Nicotine Corporation (SNC) is the United States' most trusted manufacturer of liquid nicotine used in the manufacturing of liquid nicotine products. SNC liquid nicotine is produced using only 100% American grown tobacco. SNC is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to American farms, American workers and American consumers.