SNC Capital Assistance


More money, more problems...

A strong nationwide network of retailers and suppliers is imperative to success at The Standard Nicotine Corporation (SNC) and as our own company continues to evolve, so do the needs and aspirations of our business partners.

On occasion, some of the retailers and suppliers that contract with SNC require additional operating capital or lines of credit for continued growth or expansion of business. In many instances, access to funds for businesses within the "vaping" industry are not easily accessible through traditional forms of financing via financial institutions, local banks or credit unions. In addition, traditional loans most commonly require previously established business credit, massive amounts of documentation, personal credit reports, organizational charts, accounts receivable aging reports, debt summary reports, personal tax returns from several previous years and more. This exhaustive "approval" process ends in disappointment for most small business owners trying to secure even a small, unsecured business loan of as little as $5,000.00 or less.

We have $250,000 worth of good news...   

The Standard Nicotine Corporation is 100% dedicated to the progression of the industry in which we operate and we exhibit our support by providing our small business retail partners, wholesalers and suppliers with access to simple funding option plans that offer short-term lending from $10,000-$250,000. The loans we assist in arranging for you are very simple, based on cash-flow, not on business credit lines and take as little as one day for approval with fund availability in as little as 72 hours. 

To begin the approval process for an SNC Capital Assistance loan please contact us to inform us of your needs. Please have the following few pieces of information available to include in your approval application after our initial contact;

All you need to get started...

3 Months Business Bank Statements
3 Months Merchant Account Statements (If Applicable)
Business Owners Driver's License
Voided Check
Last Filed Business Taxes

We will NOT require the following...

Management Experience Summary
Organizational Charts
3 Years of Financial Statements
Accounts Receivable Aging Report
Fixed Asset Listing and Valuation
Forecast Financial Statements
Debt Summary Reports
Personal Financial Statements
Current UCC Information
Global Cash Flow Statement
Project Narratives Justifying ROI of Loan
Officer's Buy/Sell Agreement
Market Evaluation of Business
Current Real Estate & Asset Appraisals

  Contact us. if you would like to explore a short-term, simple capital loan to enhance or add to the operational status of your business. 

*Additional application documents may be required prior to approval for businesses who are not currently contracted in any way with The Standard Nicotine Corporation™. The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ offers our "Capital Assistance Program" to all businesses within our industry regardless of their affiliation with The Standard Nicotine Corporation™. The Standard Nicotine Corporation™ has the right to approve or decline any and all applications at its sole discretion. The Standard Nicotine Corporation is a privately help organization.